Thursday, 24 June 2010


Last night I did the unthinkable, I passed up watching a big World Cup match (but I did watch the Germany v Ghana highlights later) to watch a game of tennis. And tell you what, I’m glad I did. The truly great football teams have the qualities of resilience, determination and a sheer bloody mindedness never to give in, to never surrender. None perhaps more so than Mr Struth’s legendary inter war Rangers. Last night I was privileged to watch Nicolas Mahut and John Isner break all tennis records in a final set tie break that finished in the mid summer dusk still deadlocked at 59 games all. Moreover in this age of cynical of professional sport awash with money it’s easy to think that one of the men would think of throwing it in as there will be another payday round the corner and why risk collecting an injury. Not a bit of it, not only was the physical stamina of both men awesome but their mental strength when clearly their body must have been telling them to do something else was truly staggering. In the tiny court 18 and watched by others from adjoining balaconies this was a truly rare and glorious throwback to the Corinthian ethos of playing sport for the honour of victory and the special pride in never accepting defeat. I suspect there’s a few footballers who would do well to take note.

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