Sunday, 27 June 2010


With respect to USA, Algeria and Slovenia, England play their first quality opponents and get slaughtered. Though to be fair to the former trio, England on a good day are pretty much on their level.

The Manager : Intransigent. As for the mistakes, I can’t be wasting an hour on his shortcomings at this tournament. As for taking questions from an interpreter after today’s game, what a final insult. Ciao.
The Premier League : It’s not the best league in the world, it’s the best paid league in the world. Stop kidding that its players are the best in the world and putting them on a pedestal. Moreover let’s not kid ourselves the English players in the Premier League are the best in the world. But don’t forget they have their families and their roots in this country with a full support system behind them whilst the foreign players are a long way from home.
The FA : They can sack the manager but this is where the cancer of mediocrity emanates from.
The Media : Pandering and massaging the ego’s of the players. Frankly it’s about time these prissy prima donnas are no longer treated as celebrities they are sportsmen and as has been exposed, some way off world class.
Television : Stop the hysterical ‘England Expects’ coverage, it puts additional pressure.
Agents : From a young age players are surrounded by agents who tell them how wonderful they are, they actually need people around them to tell them that they are overpaid and overrated. Frankly they are bloody lucky young men who should get on their hands and knees in gratitude to be paid to play football.
Beckham : Did you notice how after the Slovenia game, his fawning media friends started spinning how Becks had got Milner playing well. Beckham cost England 3 world cups whilst playing and ‘brand Beckham’s’ presence for England is always good for Brand Beckham it’s a liability and distraction for England.

The Manager : Bring Back Hoddle? Bring Back anyone? Someone who will put the players in their place, knows tactics, blimey Eileen Drewery couldn’t have run England 2010 any worse.
Players : Don’t go for the prima donnas, go for people with a bit of fire in their belly desperate to wear the 3 lions. Prepared to play within a team pattern. If they are from mid table premier league teams or even second tier outfits, why not.
The FA : Get professionals in, get out the freeloaders, get out the apparatichiks and political appointees. Moreover if the FA are serious about success, they will sort out the grass roots. How with all their resources can England produce single footed players who can’t play in multiple positions and worst of all cannot control the ball properly.

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