Thursday, 24 June 2010


Yesterday’s BBC commentary on England v Slovenia has to be among the more ludicrous to have ever been broadcast. At best it was juvenile but infantile is probably a more appropriate description. I’m not going to waste time going over the multitude of stupidity but the commentator’s remark about the first 2 games being forgiven was so moronic given that the 2nd place finish in the easiest group ensures a path to the final that will now have to include Germany and Argentina. And as for Mark Lawrenson, ‘Lawro’ from Preston has the temerity to play the ‘England Cheerleader’ card when he chose himself to represent none other than....Ireland. Even though I find it morally wrong I can understand why limited players will use some obscure great grandad’s birth certificate to get a sniff of international football, but Lawrenson if he had wanted was easily a good enough player to regularly have the 3 lions on his shirt. So why didn’t the Cheerleader want them?

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