Sunday, 4 July 2010


If you could go back in time to any match what would it be?

I would take my Tardis back to Highbury and Rangers v Red Star Belgrade in 1964.
The largest Rangers travelling support, a crucial win in the European Cup and a Jim Baxter masterclass. Who could ask for anything more!

GO GIO. The Future’s Bright. The Future’s Orange.

Congratulation to former Ranger and now Holland captain, Gio Van Bronckhorst on leading Holland to the World Cup semi finals. Gio was and is a superb player and left after 3 seasons at Ibrox to join Arsenal for £8.5 million. (Not often Monsieur Wenger dips that deep in the Arsenal coffers). Will we see another ex Rangers hold aloft the World Cup? I really hope so. Perhaps the Rinu Gittuso theorem is not that far off afterall! But best check with Paul the Octopuss first.

The distinguishing feature of all the semi finalists is their dedication to a team ethic. Something a few other nations already back home might do well to take note of.
It returns to Mr Struth’s first law. “No man is greater than the team.”